SCB signs cooperation agreement with TVFM

On March 9, 2022, SCB signed a cooperation agreement with Tan Viet Fund Management J.S. Company (TVFM) in providing product & services, optimally exploiting all potentials and improving business results and enhancing competitiveness of the two parties.

Accordingly, SCB and TVFM commit to giving their priority to using each other’s products and services, ensuring effective competitiveness in terms of quality and cost. SCB is the preferred partner of TVFM in providing products and services in capital mobilization transactions, domestic and foreign financial arrangements, investment transactions, investment cooperation, etc. At the same time, SCB considers TVFM as a favorite partner in performing investments, entrusted investments and asset management operations for the bank and its customers.

On the same day, TVFM also signed a cooperation agreement with Tan Viet Securities Incorporation (TVSI) to cross-sell traditional products of TVFM including: public fund certificates such as open-ended fund certificates for stocks investment, open-ended fund certificates for investment in bonds, etc.; Cash investment trust products for priority/premium customers with the aim of securing customers’ money and assets, generating sustainable profitability.

Next, the parties will proceed to develop specialized products in line with the business orientation of TVSI and SCB.

Mr. Nguyen Trung Hieu, TVFM’s CEO shared that: “I really hope that this cooperation event between TVFM with SCB, TVFM with TVSI will create pioneering and preeminent products, which are reliable solutions to help investors achieve financial independence. With profound experience of the BOD as well as all employees, TVFM will discuss with SCB and TVSI to improve investment efficiency for customers, offering accumulation packages with high interest rates and outstanding efficiency.

Mr. Nguyen Cuu Tinh, SCB’s Deputy CEO of Personal Financial Services Division expressed that: “The cooperation agreement between SCB and TVFM will help create superior product packages for investors, as well as standardizing the customer's investment process, offering accumulation packages with high interest rates and outstanding efficiency, promising to soon introduce to customers impressive products and services with stable profitability”.

The signing of these strategic cooperation agreements demonstrates the trust and sound relationship between the three parties: SCB, TVFM and TVSI. Towards sustainable development and long-term cooperation, based on the available strengths and potentials, the parties will support each other and provide best services to the market.

This is also an important milestone in the direction of further expanding cooperation with domestic and foreign partners to realize development strategies of the three parties.

Some photos at the ceremony:

Mr. Nguyen Cuu Tinh – SCB’s Deputy CEO (left) and Mr. Nguyen Trung Hieu – TVFM’s CEO perform the signing ceremony.

Mr. Nguyen Trung Hieu – TVFM’s CEO delivering his speech.

Mr. Nguyen Cuu Tinh – SCB’s Deputy CEO giving his speech at the ceremony.

Representatives of SCB, TVFM, and TVSI at the Strategic cooperation signing ceremony.

*About Tan Viet Fund Management J.S. Company (TVFM)

Tan Viet Fund Management Joint Stock Company (TVFM) is licensed by the State Securities Commission to operate, providing services for the establishment and management of securities investment funds, pension funds, real estate investment funds, portfolio management and investment consulting. The strategic partners of TVFM are reputable financial institutions in Vietnam such as TVSI, SCB, etc., large real estate organizations and global financial institutions. TVFM focuses on building and developing investment fund products with the goal of preserving capital and generating stable incomes suitable for the investment needs of pension funds and public investors. TVFM with 16 years of establishment and development, together with a team of investment experts, has a vision of becoming the Top 5 Fund Management Companies with the largest total assets and gaining absolute trust from domestic and foreign customers.

*About Tan Viet Securities Incorporation (TVSI)

Established in 2006, with charter capital of VND2,639 billion, total assets of nearly VND8,000 billion, equity of nearly VND3,500 billion, with a wide branch network, Tan Viet Securities Incorporation (TVSI) is one of the leading prestigious financial institutions in Vietnam’s stock market. According to the financial report 2021, TVSI provides diversified financial products and services to more than 90,000 accounts & safely and effectively manages more than VND61 trillion of customer assets. In the role of an intermediary financial institution, TVSI is a reputable and reliable investment consulting partner of many large domestic and foreign organizations/enterprises. Only in the 2016-2021 period, TVSI successfully arranged capital and advised on the issuance of more than VND70,000 billion for partners which are large enterprises/organizations.