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Foreign currency and gold

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Spot transaction refers to the buying or selling of foreign currency with spot exchange rate at the time of the transaction and time frame for settlement is within two business days from the trade date with SCB.

icon ngoai te ky han

Forward transaction is a commitment between two parties to exchange currencies, agreeing on an exchange rate and the settlement will be at a specific time in the future.

icon vang giao ngay

A service for needs to preserve capital in terms of gold and invest to make profits by speculating fluctuation in gold prices.

icon thanh toan da te

A service for customers using VND or other currencies to exchange and make international transfers with lawful purposes in accordance with FX Management Regulations, especially acceptable for currencies that are currently not applied at SCB.


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SCB Mobile Banking helps customers easily manage finance and make transactions anytime, anywhere quickly and simply with just a few steps on Mobile phones/Tablets.

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Wishing to provide customers with a term savings management tool that is quick and safe

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Instant updates in SMS of account balance & other information such as FX rates, interest rates, SCB’s transaction outlets, etc.

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Convenient, quick transactions on computers or Internet-connected devices for account inquiries, remittance, depositing & other utilities.