Officially launching new product “Phat Loc Tai savings”

Sai Gon J.S. Commercial Bank (SCB) implemented the savings product “Phat Loc Tai” with attractive interest rates and prominent benefits.

From 15/05/2020, SCB officially introduced new product named “Phat Loc Tai savings” with diverse terms from 06 – 36 months, various interest receipt methods (at maturity/monthly). Moreover, with minimum balance of VND50 million, customers can easily benefit from prominent features of the products and interest rates of up to 8.25%/year. Customers in need of capital can the pledge savings books/certificates to make loan applications as per current regulations on pledging loan of SCB.

Customers can earn preferential interest rates up to 0.17%/year from SCB’s deposit programs/policies.

Thanks to attractive interest rates, prominent preferences, “Phat Loc Tai savings” offers customers optimal financial solutions, security and maximum benefits, satisfying customers’ various needs. Especially, SCB provides depositors more benefits via many programs/policies such as: policies for middle-aged and senior depositors, policies for SCB Premier’s members and other deposit programs/policies.

Accordingly, in addition to regulated interest rates, customers from 40 years old up when making deposits in VND at SCB from 06-month term will earn another 0.02%/year of interest rates. Especially, customers who are SCB Premier members will earn another 0.02%/year – 0.15 %/years (subject to member rankings). Therefore, total preferences each customer may receive up to 0.17%/year, beside regulated interest rates.