“Lucky draws – Instant wins” with RIA money transfer service

“Lucky draws – Instant wins”, a lottery drawing program offered by SCB as the bank’s gratitude towards customers using service from RIA (Continental Exchange Solutions, Inc.) to receive money transferred from foreign countries to Vietnam, shall be run from June 1, 2021 to August 31, 2021 with up to 1,000 prizes in cash, including:

  • First winner: 100 prizes, each one is worth VND50,000.
  • Second winner: 100 prizes, each one is worth VND30,000.
  • Third winner: 800 prizes, each one is worth VND10,000.

Customers joining the program shall be given a money transfer code (a PIN number) for each drawing turn. So, the more transactions, the better chances to get the awards.

What is special about this program is giving the highest winning chances and prizes at hand. The drawings are held at SCB’s transaction counters and winning chances shall continuously be there for the participants until all prizes are given.

The cooperation between SCB and RIA shows the wills to provide a remittance service that can help customers to simply get money transferred from foreign countries in time with the most competitive charges. RIA, an international money transfer company, is headquartered in the USA, starting their business from 1987 and currently available at 447,000 locations in 160 countries. Its fast money transfer service helps customers (residents or non-residents) in Vietnam to simply and instantly get the money within 10 minutes after the remmittance orders are done overseas.

This program also affirms SCB’s role in making remote places become closer to Vietnam and deep love for the customers by helping them to receive endearing gifts from overseas relatives, at the same time sharing with their happiness with thankful prizes from the bank.