Beware the bogus bank employees who can scam money from your credit cards

Dear our valued customers,

Many fraudulent activities have been reported that scammers impersonated bank employees qualified to support customers concerning card limit upgrade, card expiry or free of charge for cash withdrawal up to the customers’ credit card limit.

Those fraudsters will ask you to provide information like photos showing 02 sides of your credit cards, CVV, CVC (3-digit security number on the back of a credit card), OTP for payments by credit cards and the amounts need to be withdrawn.

Once having enough your personal information, the fraudsters will make fraudulent transactions online by using money from your credit cards.

To protect your personal information, please pay attention to the following advice:

- Absolutely DO NOT provide confidential information such as Card Number, Card PIN, Access Password, OTP, and Email Password to anyone and by any means (texting, answering phone calls, sharing information, accessing untrusted websites, etc.).

- For any doubts about leaked personal information, please quickly block the function for online payments and your credit cards on the E-Banking application.

- If you need any support, please contact the nearest SCB’s branches or the following Hotlines:

+ In Vietnam: 1900 6538
+ Outside Vietnam: +84 28 7300 6538/ +84 28 7302 5999

Thank you for trusting and using SCB’s services.

Yours faithfully,