Announcement about adjustment to foreign currency conversion fees

Dear customers,

Saigon Commercial Bank (SCB) would like to announce the adjustment to fees for our international debit cards and international credit cards as follows:

  • Additional information on foreign currency conversion fees for card use:

Fees for foreign currency conversion / provision for exchange rate fluctuation will be charged when a cardholder makes transactions in foreign currencies or abroad transactions in Vietnamese dong (abroad transactions in Vietnamese dong that include: Transactions in foreign countries that are converted into Vietnamese dong or at foreign e-commerce sites with prices in foreign currencies that are allowed to be paid in Vietnamese dong). Such charges are based on the converted transaction amount on the day the relevant transaction is debited/credited to the card account.

Note: Fees are not changed and can be referred to the current fee schedule.

If you need to ask for further details, please contact:

  • SCB’s hotlines at 1900 6538/1800 545438 (24/7 support) or email to
  • Directly at your nearest SCB's (sub) branch.

Yours faithfully,