SCB’s new year charity trip to three shelters in Cu Chi

Responding to the call of CEO Office, more than 40 SCB employees at the Head Office and SCB Cu Chi had a charity trip to Hoa Hong, Thien Duyen, Thien Phuoc shelters (in Cu Chi rural district, HCMC) on Sunday, January 24, 2021.

In a spirit of “love your neighbor as yourself” and “to have joy, one must share it”, the voluntary trip visited and donated rice, milk, candy, diapers, etc. to these three shelters.

SCB volunteer team at Hoa Hong shelter.

Mr. Jeremy Chen – SCB’s Acting CEO, representing the volunteer team, donated 600kg rice, 40 packs of milk, 150 diaper bags, and 60 New Year gifts (candy, spices, body wash, shampoo, etc.) and 110 million dong in cash. Besides, all children at the shelters got to receive red envelopes from SCB, adding up to 230 million dong total value of donation.

Mr Jeremy Chen – SCB’s Acting CEO captured moving photos at Thien Phuoc shelter.

Mr. Jeremy Chen emotionally shared that this was his first charity activity with SCB colleagues and hoped that SCB employees would keep the spirit of loving and sharing toward those less fortunate: “When the children receive helps from people like us, they grow up and think that they should do the same. This creates a positive circle that helps the society to become better”

Pointing out that there are many individuals and organizations willing to support, Mr. Jeremy Chen also encouraged orphans and children with disabilities to always be optimistic to live, study and contribute to the society. He also shared that there would be more similar meaningful charity activities hosted by SCB in the time to come.

Mr. Nguyen Cuu Tinh – SCB Deputy CEO played with the children.

Along with the gifts, the team also organized fun activities to interact and entertain the children.