SCB S-Care international credit cards honored by The Asian Banker to be the “Best Business Model”

SCB honorably received the award “Best Business Model” thanks to its S-Care international credit card product from The Asian Banker magazine, a prestigious banking-finance magazine in Asia – Pacific.

SCB was honored by The Asian Banker magazine with the award “Best Business Model”

According to The Asian Banker, the award was honored to SCB after several complicated rounds of evaluation by its Council including leading financial experts and research experts.

This is the second award for SCB S-Care international credit cards based on brand reputation, product quality as well as outstanding achievements in recent years. Previously, this product was also offered the award “Outstanding innovative banking product/service award 2019” by the Vietnam Banking Association (VNBA) and International Data Organization (IDG).

The Asian Banker believes that SCB maintains its firm status as a provider of financial solutions to personal customers, based on multi-utility products and services. Embracing “customer-centric orientation”, SCB has always striven to improve its customer service.

Mr. Mobasher Kazmi, Research and Survey Director of The Asian Banker expressed that the Advisory Council including leading banking & finance experts was truly impressed that SCB has used its deep understanding of customers to meet the customers’ constantly changing demands, which also helps the Bank achieve strong growth in revenue from the service segment, especially card products”.

Mr. Le Quang Huy, Chief Officer, Card & Digital Bank, said that it is so proud for SCB to be offered this award from The Asian Banker. “Launched from May 2019, SCB S-Care international credit card is the first product on the market to focus on customers’ healthcare. Thanks to these initiatives, SCB S-Care cards have been honored by many organizations. This is also the driving force for SCB to constantly make more efforts in diversifying products, improving service quality, and satisfying all customers’ needs. ” Mr. Le Quang Huy said.

Mr. Le Quang Huy, Chief Officer, Card & Digital Bank with The Asian Banker’s award

In Vietnam, people have become more aware of their health and there has been an increase in people buying voluntary insurance products. However, most people often treat any arising diseases quite late, not actively carrying out periodical medical check-ups and cancer screening. With the desire to gradually change the behavior of Vietnamese people, as well as to meet the needs of its existing customers (health-conscious customers from 35 years old, SCB came up with this idea and launched the S-Care international credit card product, with the message: "SCB S-Care Card is the first card product that cares about the health of customers and their relatives".

The highlight of SCB S-Care card product is annual medical check-ups and cancer screening. This package includes many health care services such as: hematology test, diabetes screening, blood fat set, gout index, HP index, X-ray, electrocardiogram, screening for common cancers such as lung cancer, liver cancer, stomach cancer, etc.

Cardholders are also well served at Pacific Healthcare international clinic system, An Viet hospital, Kim dental clinic or PCC musculoskeletal clinic with advisory support from leading doctors and experts.

Especially, the above attractive promotions can be used for cardholders themselves or for their loved ones. Via these preferences, SCB hopes accompanying customers in expressing love to their relatives, especially their parents.


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