SCB officially introduced personal finance management function on SCB Internet Banking

From now on, you can easily manage your expenditure with a new function - Personal finance management on SCB Internet Banking.

With 02 features: Expenditure management and Budget management, you can yourself manage your budget and expenditure.

Expenditure management: This is a feature that helps you get an overview of expenditure on your cards/accounts in a certain period of time. SCB will list and display transactions as well as the share of your spending in each specific area such as shopping, dining, travelling, investment, education, insurance, etc. In addition, you can also view and check the history of all transactions by cards/accounts or transaction fields. Thereby, you can assess whether each of your transactions is reasonable and adjust the consumption behavior in future. Besides, you can also flexibly adjust the portfolio of each transaction or split a transaction into many small transactions according to your needs so that SCB’s expenditure management function can best serve you.

Budget management: you can proactively set your budget for each category monthly or for a period of time. SCB Internet Banking will perform statistics and reports of the budget used for your plans. Therefore, you can make necessary adjustments. In addition, if there is an unexpected need, you can adjust your budget at any time or delete any budget.