SCB launched international payment card SCB beYOU

VWishing to promote non-cash payment, bringing convenience to customers, Sai Gon Joint Stock Commercial Bank (SCB) has continuously developed card products and is one of the pioneering banks to introduce many modern payment methods for cardholders such as SCB QR Easy, SCB Contactless, Samsung Pay, etc.

SCB's latest card product - international payment card SCB beYOU - not only owns many utilities but also is designed vertically, creating a lot of attraction from users, especially young and dynamic customers embracing new experience. Vietnamese or foreigners currently residing in Vietnam, aged 15 and over, can open cards without any proof of income.

The first attraction of SCB beYOU card is completely free withdrawal at all ATMs in the country. This brings maximum convenience and satisfaction to customers, especially those who are constantly on the move, passionate about travel and love to explore. More specifically, on the occasion of launching the SCB beYOU card, customers will be entitled to the free issuance issue when opening the card for the first time from now to 31/12/2019.

The next attraction is that when owning SCB beYOU card, customers can make payment directly from their smartphones without having to bring their cards with them. Thanks to the fact that SCB beYOU cards are equipped with many modern technologies such as QR Easy and Samsung Pay. Whether shopping, eating or traveling, with just a few simple steps, customers can make bill payment quickly and conveniently but still ensure safety thanks to well-encrypted information and steps requiring authentication and transaction approval.

In addition to making payment by QR code, SCB beYOU cards also enable payment with Contactless technology, allowing cardholders to simplify the payment process. Customers may not need to present the card to the sellers to scan on the POS as a traditional method, but just a touch or card waving in front of the POS machine can make payment. Thus, customers are completely assured, not concerned about the risk of data theft when giving the card to the seller in the transaction.

The well receipt of international payment card SCB beYOU also comes from the vertical design, the minimalist card information cluster with youthful style making it easy for customers to view information without horizontal rotation like other cards. At the same time, depending on the amount of expenditure on the card (an average of VND1.5 million/month), customers will be entitled to free or reduced annual fee for the following year. This is an appropriate level of spending for most consumers in Vietnam cities now.

Some outstanding features will definitely help SCB beYOU card impress customers including: 3D Secure technology to ensure safety. Customers are entitled to a non-term interest rate of 1% /year calculated on the balance at the end of each day. Besides, with SCB beYOU cards, customers not only closely manage all their spending (by using SCB Mobile Banking to transfer money, change PIN, change password online anytime, anywhere without being present at (sub)branches), but also are supported 24/7 via Hotline 1900 6538, SCB Facebook and Zalo.