SCB introduces the preferential loan program to personal customers

From now to 31/12/2019, SCB introduces the program “Quick and preferential loans for your own comforts” to personal customers in need of loans for real estate purchase, business capital supplementation, car or consumer loans. With attractive interest rates and simple procedures, SCB will be able to help customers obtain capitals for their own future plans.

Accordingly, this program owns many competitive and outstanding features such as: 0% charge for early payment of loan; 0% interest rate for the first month; quick procedure within 8h working hours. SCB agrees that that loan amount can be up to 100% of fund needed to meet customers’ demands. Moreover, SCB launches many significant policies such as: home/land loans up to 25 years, no need for income proving for loans less than 50% of asset values; car loans with secured by cars from the loan; flexible in loan methods and repayment for consumer loans, etc.

Being one of the leading banks in Bancassurance, SCB offers participating customers with special preference of another 0.3% of interest rate together with the regulated interest rates when customers purchase the insurance policy increase package. Therefore, customers not only receive health protection solutions but also benefits from the loans to serve their own purposes.

For customers in need of capital for consumption, investment or business, loans from the banks are their first choice due to the loan variety and interesting policies. As top 5 in the financial market, with network of 239 transaction outlets and improving service quality, SCB has been well received by customers for all transactions, especially those with high values.

Ms. Tran Thi Minh Thao – Head of Banking Services and Personal Finance Division of SCB said: “Via significant preferential policies, SCB would like to accompany with customers in actualizing their plans and targets. With variety in loan methods, meeting all the financial needs, SCB offers customers all best experience, contributing to living quality of customers and their families”.