SCB honored with the award “Top 10 Private Bank Prestige 2019”

Sai Gon Joint Stock Commercial Bank – SCB is ranked in “Top 10 Private Bank Prestige 2019” for financial capacity, reputation and customer satisfaction.

On 08/08/2019 in the event of CEO Summit in Hanoi, The Vietnam Report and Vietnam Net officially announced the awards “Top 10 Commercial Bank of Vietnam Prestige 2019” and “Top 10 Private Bank Prestige 2019”.

SCB Representative receives the Award “Top 10 Private Bank Prestige 2019”

These results of Vietnam Report are based on its study of the financial standing, PR prestige and its surveys with customers, banks and financial professionals in May and June, 2019.

Accordingly, SCB is appreciated for its financial capacity, business operation, potential growth as well as PR prestige. Moreover, SCB is outstanding in the marketplace for flexible products, safe transactions, secured information, simple procedures, good services and diverse promotional policies, etc.

As a private bank with the largest value of assets, SCB gains a competitive edge on deposit and lending sectors. Up to 30/6/2019, SCB’s total assets reached VND 537,616 billion, an increase of VND29,466 billion; customer deposits reached VND457,717 billion, an increase of VND38,671 billion as compared to the beginning of the year. Especially, SCB deposit certificates characterized with the attractive interest rates and flexible transferability generated VND3,975 billion deposits in 6 months.

In the early 6 months of this year, SCB issued 16,794 international credit cards and 44,996 international debit cards. Notably, a newly-launched credit card, SCB S-Care, issued in this period attracted more attention from customers with its free package of general health care and cancer check.

In addition to products and services, SCB also prioritizes the acquisition of skilled professionals and the building of an excellent working environment. SCB employees’ average income is VND20 million. In March, 2019, SCB was listed by Anphabe in the top 5 Vietnam banks having the best working environment.