SCB continues to support enterprises affected by Covid-19

SCB will accompany corporate customers that have been hit hard by the Covid-19 to the end of this year. The bank is planning to provide new loan products (including short-term and medium-term) with preferential interest rates, reducing lending rates by 0.5% in the first 6 months.

The bank’s support program "Online transactions at SCB - Joining hands with community health" is also kept on to reduce interests and fees for new and existing corporate customers owning current deposit accounts at SCB.

Specifically, for corporate customers currently using multi-benefit current accounts, SCB will offer 50% discount for online inter-branch & inter-bank transfer fees; and 10% discount on international payment fees compared to the existing fees from now until the end of December 31, 2021.

For corporate customers using the current accounts including S-Startup, S-Combo, SCB 100+, S-Payroll salary payment, SCB will reduce 8 types of service fees, which are for electronic tax payment, bill payment, online money transfer, inter-branch salary payment transfer through Internet Banking, salary payment service, inter-bank salary payment transfer outside the system (100 items), monthly account statement via email and Internet Banking annual fee.

Since the outbreak of the epidemic in Vietnam, SCB has been quickly implementing programs of interest exemption, reduction, and debt extension for customers suffering the influence of the pandemic, following the direction of the Government and the State Bank.

At the same time, SCB is working closely with many customers to apply payment technologies into business activities. On digital banking platforms, the bank has been supporting customers in online payment and purchase of goods, ensuring limited close contact between banks and customers. This solution will help in curbing risks of infection in the current social distancing situation.