Notice – New features updated to strengthen transaction security
02-layer authentication for login to Internet Banking and Mobile Banking on other devices

In order to protect customers against risks of financial loss, SCB has enhanced security for individual customers logging in Internet Banking and Mobile Banking on other devices.

Updated from:02:00PM, October 03, 202

Updated applications:Internet Banking and Mobile Banking (including S-Connect)

When a customer logs in Internet Banking and Mobile Banking on nother devices, SCB’s system will activate 02-layer authentication as follows:

  • The customer will be requested to contact Hotline 1900 6538/1800 5454 38 or the nearest SCB branch for login support.
  • After successful confirmation, SCB will send OTP via SMS to the customer to verify for the second authentication.

The following cases will be realized as other devices that require authentication for access:

  • A device that has never successfully logged in Internet Banking/Mobile Banking by customers’ usernames.
  • A device having the last login older than 30 days (in case customers have 02 devices or more for login at the same time). For customers who only log in by only one device, there are no verification requirement from SCB.
  • Customers clearing cache.
  • Customers changing web browser.
  • Customers browsing in incognito mode.
  • Customers removing and reinstalling S-Connect application.

For further support, please contact:

  • Your nearest SCB branches
  • Hotline: 1900 6538 or 1800 545438
  • Overseas: +84 28 7300 6538/ +84 28 7302 5999
  • Email: