New uniforms for SCB’s staff

New uniforms helped customers, partners know more about SCB branding, not only its professional services but also its corporate cultures.

From the very beginning, SCB has always prioritized in building branding via its uniforms. In 09/2019, SCB introduced new uniforms classified to each working levels on the entire transaction outlets. This is due to the desire to refresh its image, improve the services and professionalize customer cares. These uniforms will differentiate SCB from other enterprises.

As customers are centered in all operation, SCB has always required staff to be professional in the job duties and neat in appearance. When serving customers, SCB staff must be professional, friendly and their uniforms must be neat and clean at all time.

With the main tone of navy blue – compatible with SCB branding color, SCB’s new uniforms which are beautifully and modernly designed, represent warm welcome to all customers and partners.

Beside building a professional working manner, creating trust to customers and partners via good ethics and working attitude, staff uniforms are also important for customers’ experience.

Whenever SCB staff are in their uniforms, they feel confident and ready to offer customers with best experience ever. Uniforms will also bring many positive attitudes toward community, solidarity among employees.

SCB hopes that with well-prepared in uniforms and other renovations in facilities at 239 transaction outlets, SCB will be able to provide prominent and elite experience to all customers, bringing devoted motivation to all employees. This will finally build up a united SCB, ready for further development in the future.