More preferences for S-Care credit card

S-Care credit card has been enhanced with new features specialized in health care to offer better experience for cardholders through outstanding benefits, such as:

More privileges:

  • 24/24 private doctor service.
  • Post Covid-19 checkup.
  • Patient-priority care at some hospitals/clinics.

Note: This replaces the global travel insurance service.

Same current benefits:

  • Annual medical checkup and cancer screening packages.
  • Cashback up to 10% when spending on health, insurance, food, supermarkets and transport.
  • No annual fee for supplementary cards.

Other benefits:

  • Discount up to 40% for medical consultation/testing/medicine delivery services or other special offers when making payment at hospitals, health care centers, beauty salons, spas, etc.
  • 0% interest installment plans with flexible terms at SCB's partners.
  • Medical and healthcare seminars with top experts.

With many amazing benefits, SCB S-Care credit card will be a close companion in taking care and protecting health of cardholders and their families.