Healthcare privileges - Share the love with SCB Visa S-Care credit cards

Investment in health which is a priceless asset is the best gift for yourself and your loved ones.

SCB Visa S-Care credit card is a great choice for healthcare needs. In order to let customers enjoy real experiences, from September 20, 2023, preferential program is continue to be offered to SCB Visa S-Care cardholders, specifically:

- Free 24/7 private doctor service

- Annual health check-up and cancer screening

- Refunds when using services provided by AiHealth app

Let’s enjoy the benefits of living well with the Visa S-Care Credit Cards.

Please click here to see further details and policies of the preferential program.

For customer support, please contact:

  • Your nearest SCB’s branch.
  • Hotline: 1900 6538
  • Email: