Car physical insurance – Comfort and safety in every mile

Car physical insurance is one of Bao Long’s prominent products. Understanding the needs to experience convenient and effective insurance service, the product was brought in to help customers be proactive in financial affairs and feel more secure when driving on every road with the following features:

1. Available for: Car owned by the insured person or by the person that is legally authorized to own and use the car.

2. Benefits:

Connect with 24/7 roadside assistance hotline

FINANCIAL peace of mind for drivers

COMPETITIVE premium and ATTRACTIVE compensation

STANDARD nationwide garage network

Insurance can be bought EASILY at your nearest SCB’s branch

3. Coverage:

Unforeseen events and uncontrollable circumstances as follows:

  • Crash, collision, rollover, fall, sinking;
  • Fire, burning, explosion;
  • Falling objects.

Natural calamities.

Theft of vehicle.

Vandalism with the condition that the vandals are not the vehicle owner/the driver/the insured person/legal representative of the vehicle owner

Special advantage: Bao Long will reimburse the expenses that the vehicle owner has spent on implementing instructions of Bao Long when loss happens (within the scope of insurance cover), including:

  • Expenses to prevent further losses;
  • Expenses to rescue and tow the damaged vehicle to the nearest garage (not exceeding 10% of amount of coverage).

4. Common knowledge to deal with unexpected incidents:

  • Contact Bao Long’s hotline 1900 54 55 17
  • Do you best to handle and minimize the damage to people and property,
  • Protect the scene of accident
  • Notify your nearest police station or local authority (except in cases of force majeure).

If you have any questions, please contact our Hotline 1900 6538 or your nearest SCB’s branch.