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Tam An Thinh Vuong

Manulife and SCB introduced a new insurance product named “Tam An Thinh Vuong” (Assurance and Prosperity) for enterprises wishing to enhance their welfare policies to employees.

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For employees

Earn accumulative and protective benefits of life insurance.

Get preferences in personal tax income upon using life insurance.

For enterprises:

Improve brand name in the labor market

Enhance employees’ commitments

Get preferences in enterprise tax upon using life insurance.

Outstanding features

Protection: Diverse type of insurance against death and accidents, increased support in medical and final-stage cancers fees for senior employees.

Flexibility: Flexible in policy transfer from enterprises to employees, supporting enterprises in designing their welfare programs.

Accumulation: Efficient accumulation via Joint Fund managed by Manulife, secured by guaranteed interest rate during the policy term.


Ages: 1-month old to 65 years old

Policy term: up to 99 years old.

Premium payment: After 3 first years of the policy, policyholders can select time to pay premium but not exceeding the policy term. Customers should make punctual premium payment as projected to achieve financial targets.

Minimum insurance amount and insurance premium of each personal policy:

Minimum insurance amount: VND100,000,000

Minimum number of members: 10 members/group

Basically minimum insurance premium per year: VND3,500,000/member

Applicable premium payment time: all applicable periodic terms.


Information on product and service policies is only for reference and may change from time to time. Please contact your nearest SCB (sub)branch or hotline 1900 6538 for advice.

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