Coupons with additional interest rate valued at 0.8%/year for deposit services at the counter

From November 2, 2022 to the end of December 31, 2022, Saigon Commercial Bank (SCB) continues promoting the program "More offerings - Stay connected" for customers using deposit services at the counter.

Since the program has received positive reception, SCB offers coupons with additional 0.8%/year for interest rate to eligible customers using deposit services at the counters. The coupons are for new customers registering savings and time deposit products in VND with deposit terms from 06 months to 11 months.

Besides, coupon recipients are individual customers requesting deposit transactions during effective term of the program, which include: closing deposit accounts, continuing to open the deposit accounts that are due to be settled, opening more deposit accounts. The program does not apply to customers participating in the following products: "Efficient Savings and Insurance", short-term deposit certificate, certificate of deposit with 24-month term and long-term deposit certificate.

The coupons are valid from the date they are officially given to the customers until the end of January 31, 2023 and can be used one time only for one deposit account at all SCB’s transaction offices. The preferential interest rate for the coupons is only offered at the time of opening a new deposit account, not for automatically renewed accounts.

The preferential interest rate of the coupons is added directly to a deposit account's interest rate, ensuring the total preferential interest rate is maximum 0.8%/year (including special offers for interest rate from current deposit policies that are applied at SCB if customers fully meet the other relevant conditions).

Once customers open deposit accounts and decide to use the coupons, the program’s special offers will be effective. However, they will be deemed expired if the deposit accounts are prematurely closed. For withdrawal before maturity, customers who applied for earning interest in advance or periodic interest must return the preferential parts that they have already received (if any).

For co-owner accounts, such special offers will be given according to the customer's name on the deposit account. Other regulations comply with the deposit transaction process, other regulations of SCB and relevant laws.

For more information, please contact your nearest SCB (sub)branch or our hotline at 1900 6538 or 1800 5454 38.